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Leaders in Fat Measurement

Over 15 years’ experience helping pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research institutions, clinicians, radiologists, and researchers in the diagnosis and management of human disease.

How HepaFat Can Help You

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For Clinicians

Our fat solutions provide a reliable non-invasive measurement of fat for screening, diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of patients in a variety of clinical settings, including patients at risk of fatty liver disease.

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For Patients

Want to know more about our range of fat services? Search through our frequently asked questions and learn more today.

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For Pharma

Resonance Health has been providing expertise in imaging core lab services and CRO services to pharmaceutical companies for their clinical trials for over 15 years. The company has provided and is providing services for many multi-national, multicenter studies.

Comprehensive All-In-One Reporting

HepaFat-AI performs fully automated and comprehensive all-in-one liver fat analysis and reporting:

Steatosis Grading

Proton Density Fat Fraction (PDFF)

Volumetric Liver Fat Fraction (VLFF)



About Us: Resonance Health

Resonance Health is an Australian healthcare company specialising in the development and commercialisation of medical imaging related technologies and services. Resonance has extensive experience and expertise in providing objective, reproducible, and quantitative imaging measurements and core laboratory services that are used globally in routine clinical use and in clinical trials. We provide meticulous, standardised and quality assured methodology to a comprehensive range of imaging core lab services, including liver and pancreatic fat assessments, and others services that have been used in clinical trials in various cohorts, such as paediatric NASH, adult NASH, and Type 2 diabetes, as well as longitudinal studies and assessments of relatively healthy cohorts. Our full suite of imaging services are available across a variety of organs including pancreatic fat, liver, spleen volume and other imaging technologies and can be tailored to specific protocol requirements.

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